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Join with the local Flint community in celebrating good times.

The people of Flint absolutely love music, and the concert experience is one of the liveliest experiences to take part in. Your adrenaline starts pumping when you finally get to see one of your favorite musical artists in the flesh right in your hometown. Add in the factor that there will be good greasy food, cold beer to enjoy, as well as the presence of your friends and the potential of making new ones, and you've got yourself a worthwhile experience each and every time. Here at Flint Party Buses, we're big fans of concerts and everything that comes with them. Concerts aren't just an opportunity to add to your music T-shirt collection...they're a way to connect with art and enjoy your surroundings. Flint is home to great concert venues such as The Machine Shop and the Perani Arena where great acts come through, and beyond Flint there are even more fantastic concert venues. The metro Detroit area is one of the best places to experience a plethora of different music, ranging from Motown to Rock, Hip Hop to Country. Flint is home to the Buckham Alley Fest, Flint Drop Fest, as well as the Flint Folk Music Festival, and these annual events offer a great way to connect with musicians right where you live. If you're tired of all of the stress that comes with a concert experience, we're here to take a little bit of that weight off of your shoulders. Read on for more information on this topic!

If you think about the inconveniences and stress that you deal with at a concert...the source of that frustration is most likely from the transportation experience, each and every time. Think about it, concerts come with the tiresome effort of trying to find an expensive parking spot, walking from there to the venue, dealing with directions, finding a designated driver, and walking all the way back to the parking lot afterwards. However, when you employ the professional services of Flint Party Buses for the concert experience, you deal with comfort from start to finish each and every time. There's no finding directions, battling traffic, or walking to the venue, as we'll drop you off right at front, and pick you up afterwards. There's no end to the party when you have a party bus that comes with chrome dancing poles for entertainment, dark privacy windows, super loud sound systems with subwoofers, televisions throughout, hardwood flooring, plush leather seating, iPod/MP3/CD capabilities, DVD & Blu Ray players, and more! Be sure to rent a party bus for your next concert experience so you can enjoy the experience that everybody else is missing out on. Beware, once you use a party bus once, you'll want to get one for each and every time you go out on the town with friends! We're here for all of your event transportation needs, so don't hesitate to give us a call when you're ready to get your trip set in stone.

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