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Tour Flint and enjoy everything that's unique about it.

Flint is an awesome Mid-Michigan city. There's been a lot of redevelopment around the city in the past several years, and it's only added to all that it has to offer. Flint is the largest city in Genessee County and the seventh largest city in the entire state. Spanning just over 34 square miles, you can bet a city this size always has something exciting going on! From sports to festivals to night life, you'll never be bored! You can schedule any variety of fun events, from dinner and a movie, bar hopping and a concert, or lunch and a sports game. And let's not leave out shopping or golf! This city definitely has it all!

Vehicle City has been known to host some pretty popular events. Some of our favorites are the annual film festivals, gold outings, the Back to the Bricks cruise, and the art fair! And let's not forget the musical entertainment at Buckham Alley Fest! For the active crowds, there's the summer Warrior Dash obstacle course, or trails you can enjoy leisurely any time. Sports fans, Flint has it's own sports teams, including the Flint Fury football team, the Vehicle City Chargers basketball team, and the Flint Firebirds hockey team just to name a few. We can definitely take you to any of these seasonal festivals or to any of the games, and even to Detroit games. But what about year-round entertainment? Weekend nights out that aren't dependent on outdoor concert season or various sports season? Well Flint still has a lot to do! There are countless bars in Flint that offer fun things to do. Sherman's Lounge and the Machine Shop are two of our favorite bar/music venues, while the Peppermint Lounge are is favorite to get a craft cocktail in a swanky atmosphere. For dancing, check out the Loft on Buckham Alley. And of course there's all the popular bars in nearby Grand Blanc and top-notch breweries in Frankenmuth.

Regardless of how you decide to spend your night out, having us provide the transportation is ideal and opens up even more possibilities. Since you can drink and dance on the vehicle, it allows you to travel further out if desired and not worry about who will be the DD because it will be us! If you're bar hopping from Flint down south to Detroit, you can enjoy any new places along the way and even if you stay somewhere until close, you'll have the whole ride home to keep going! Of course you can stay within the Flint city limits and easily fill a night's itinerary with drinking, dancing, music, and delicious food.

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